Patrick Butler

Patrick Butler is a senior research associate at the Sanghani Center. The main thrust of his research focuses on the IARPA funded EMBERS project that uses open source indicators such as tweets, news, blog, weather, etc., to forecast population level events such as civil unrest, elections, and epidemics.

He graduated with a Ph.D. in computer science from Virginia Tech in 2014 during which time he was awarded a SMART Fellowship.  His dissertation was in the area of using knowledge discovery for intelligence analysis.

Senior Research Associate
Research Areas:
  • iconForecasting
  • iconUrban Computing


EMBERS EMBERS is a system for forecasting societal significant societal events from open source surrogates.
Research Areas:
  • iconForecasting
  • iconNetwork Science
Dates: August 1, 2012July 4, 2016


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Patrick Butler's Timeline

Year: 2006

Graduate Research Assistant, Virginia Tech

Year: 2010

SMART Fellowship

Year: 2011

VAST Mini-Challenge Award, IEEE VAST Symposium

Year: 2014

Research Scientist, US Army Corps of Engineers

Year: 2015

Senior Research Associate, DAC, Virginia Tech