Academic Approach

Data science is one of the fastest growing career paths in the nation, but unfortunately the demand for technical expertise is out-pacing supply.  Technical expertise is needed to develop new methods, tools, and infrastructures required to support novel big data analytics operations in industry, government, and academia.

The successful practice of data science requires a combination of computation, statistics, and engineering, so that training in any one of these individual disciplines alone does not suffice.  DAC programs train technical students with a broader view across these disciplines to enable them to successfully practice data analytics.

With campuses located both in Blacksburg and the National Capital Region, our programs cater to a diverse group of students.  Students acquire skills that will enable them to master the technical fundamentals of data science, develop new computational methods, and engineer new analytical tools.

Degree Programs and Certificates

Graduate Certificate in Data Analytics

Learn how to integrate the computational, statistical, and engineering techniques you need to pursue a career in big data analytics.

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Ph.D. Certificate in Urban Computing

Learn the latest methods of analyzing massive datasets and how to apply them to problems facing today’s urban populations.

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B.S. in Computational Modeling and Data Analytics

Learn to computationally model the real-world and discover hidden patterns in massive data sets. Administered by the Academy of Integrated Science with participation by the departments of Mathematics, Statistics, and Computer Science.

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