Ming Zhu, Aneesh Jain, Chandan Reddy


Recent advances in machine learning have significantly improved the understanding of source code data and achieved good performance on a number of downstream tasks. Open source repositories like GitHub enable this process with rich unlabeled code data. However, the lack of high quality labeled data has largely hindered the progress of several code related tasks, such as program translation, summarization, synthesis, and code search. This paper introduces XLCoST, Cross-Lingual Code SnippeT dataset, a new benchmark dataset for cross-lingual code intelligence. Our dataset contains fine-grained parallel data from 8 languages (7 commonly used programming languages and English), and supports 10 cross-lingual code tasks. To the best of our knowledge, it is the largest parallel dataset for source code both in terms of size and the number of languages. We also provide the performance of several state-of-the-art baseline models for each task. We believe this new dataset can be a valuable asset for the research community and facilitate the development and validation of new methods for cross-lingual code intelligence.


Ming Zhu

Chandan Reddy

Aneesh Jain

Publication Details

Date of publication:
June 16, 2022
Cornell University
Publication note:

Ming Zhu, Aneesh Jain, Karthik Suresh, Roshan Ravindran, Sindhu Tipirneni, Chandan K. Reddy: XLCoST: A Benchmark Dataset for Cross-lingual Code Intelligence. CoRR abs/2206.08474 (2022)