Anuj Karpatne 


Welcome to the first issue of this year's AI Matters Newsletter!
We start with a report on upcoming SIGAI Events by Dilini Samarasinghe and Conference reports by Louise Dennis, our conference coordination officers. In our regular Education column, Duri Long, Jonathan Moon, and Brian Magerko introduce two "unplugged" activities (i.e., no technology needed) to learn about AI focussed on K-12 AI Education. We then bring you our regular Policy column, where Larry Medsker covers several topics on AI policy, including the role of Big Tech on AI Ethics and an interview with Dr. Eric Daimler who is the CEO of the MIT-spinout
Finally, we close with four article contributions. The first article discusses emerging applications of AI in analyzing source code and its implications to several industries. The second article discusses topics in the area of physical scene understanding that are necessary for machines to perceive, interact, and reason about the physical world. The third article presents novel practices and highlights from the Fourth Workshop on Mechanism Design for Social Good. The fourth article provides a report on the "Decoding AI" event that was conducted online by ViSER for high school students and adults sponsored by ACM SIGAI.


Anuj Karpatne 

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July 20, 2021
Special Interest Group on Artificial Intelligence
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Iolanda Leite, Anuj Karpatne: Welcome to AI Matters 7(1). AI Matters 7(1): 4 (2021)