Jianfeng He, Xuchao Zhang, Shuo Lei, Zhiqian Chen, Fanglan Chen, Abdulaziz Alhamadani


The uncertainty measurement of classified results is especially important in areas requiring limited human resources for higher accuracy. For instance, data-driven algorithms diagnosing diseases need accurate uncertainty score to decide whether additional but limited quantity of experts are needed for rectification. However, few uncertainty models focus on improving the performance of text classification where human resources are involved. To achieve this, we aim at generating accurate uncertainty score by improving the confidence of winning scores. Thus, a model called MSD, which includes three independent components as “mix-up”, “self-ensembling”, “distinctiveness score”, is proposed to improve the accuracy of uncertainty score by reducing the effect of overconfidence of winning score and considering the impact of different categories of uncertainty simultaneously. MSD can be applied with different Deep Neural Networks. Extensive experiments with ablation setting are conducted on four real-world datasets, on which, competitive results are obtained.

Jianfeng He, Xuchao Zhang, Shuo Lei, Zhiqian Chen, Fanglan Chen, Abdulaziz Alhamadani, Bei Xiao, Chang-Tien Lu: Towards More Accurate Uncertainty Estimation In Text Classification. EMNLP (1) 2020: 8362-8372


Jianfeng He

Shuo Lei

Fanglan Chen

Abdulaziz Alhamadani

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Empirical Methods in Natural Language Processing
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