John Wenskovitch, Michelle Dowling, Alex Endert


Interactive data exploration and analysis is an inherently personal process. One's background, experience, interests, cognitive style, personality, and other sociotechnical factors often shape such a process, as well as the provenance of exploring, analyzing, and interpreting data. This Viewpoint posits both what personal information and how such personal information could be taken into account to design more effective visual analytic systems, a valuable and under-explored direction.


John Wenskovitch

Alex Endert

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Date of publication:
April 30, 2020
IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications
Page number(s):
73 - 82
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John E. Wenskovitch, Michelle X. Zhou, Christopher Collins, Remco Chang, Michelle Dowling, Alex Endert, Kai Xu, Theresa-Marie Rhyne:Putting the "I" in Interaction: Interactive Interfaces Personalized to Individuals. IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications 40(3): 73-82 (2020)