Ruoxi Jia


A common way to perform data entry in virtual reality remains using virtual laser pointers to select characters from a flat 2D keyboard in 3-dimensional space. In this demo, we present a data input method that takes advantage of 3D space by interacting with a keyboard with keys arranged in three dimensions. Each hand is covered by a hemisphere of keys based on the QWERTY layout, allowing users to type by moving their hands in a motion similar to punching. Although the goal is to achieve a gesture more akin to tapping, current controllers or hand tracking technology doesn't allow such high fidelity. Thus, the presented interaction using VR controllers is more comparable to punching.

Powen Yao, Vangelis Lympouridis, Tian Zhu, Michael Zyda, Ruoxi Jia: Punch Typing: Alternative Method for Text Entry in Virtual Reality. SUI 2020: 28:1-28:2


Ruoxi Jia

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October 31, 2020
Spatial User Interaction
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Article No. 28