Lenwood Heath


Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) has been identified by the World Health Organization (WHO) as a major global health threat. It is projected that AMR will increase exponentially by 2050, leading to substantial human morbidity and mortality (O’Neill, 2016; Pires et al., 2017). Therefore, swift action is required to enable enhanced monitoring and to help tackle the spread of AMR, including: under- standing the mechanisms controlling dissemination of antibiotic re- sistance genes (ARGs) via environmental sources and pathways (Bengtsson-Palme et al., 2018; Martı ́nez, 2008; Pruden et al., 2013), discovering novel ARGs before they are found to be problematic in the clinic (Berglund et al., 2017), developing new computational strategies for ARG annotation (Arango-Argoty et al., 2018; Gibson et al., 2015; Lakin et al., 2017; McArthur et al., 2013; Yang et al., 2016) and expansion of current ARG repositories (Arango-Argoty et al., 2018; Lakin et al., 2017).


Lenwood Heath

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May 1, 2020
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Gustavo Arango Argoty, G. K. P. Guron, Emily Garner, M. V. Riquelme, Lenwood S. Heath, Amy Pruden, Peter J. Vikesland, Liqing Zhang: ARGminer: a web platform for the crowdsourcing-based curation of antibiotic resistance genes. Bioinform. 36(9): 2966-2973 (2020)