Hao Zhang, Maoyuan Sun, Chris North


Monitoring network traffic and detecting anomalies are essential tasks that are carried out routinely by security analysts. The sheer volume of network requests often makes it difficult to detect attacks and pinpoint their causes. We design and develop a tool to visually represent the causal relations for network requests. The traffic causality information enables one to reason about the legitimacy and normalcy of observed network events. Our tool with a special visual locality property supports different levels of visual-based querying and reasoning required for the sensemaking process on complex network data. Leveraging the domain knowledge, security analysts can use our tool to identify abnormal network activities and patterns due to attacks or stealthy malware. We conduct a user study that confirms our tool can enhance the readability and perceptibility of the dependency for host-based network traffic.


Maoyuan Sun

Chris North

Publication Details

Date of publication:
March 4, 2015
ACM International Workshop on International Workshop on Security and Privacy Analytics