Stephen H. Bach, Lise Getoor


We prove the equivalence of first-order local consistency relaxations and the MAX SAT relaxation of Goemans and Williamson (1994) for a class of MRFs we refer to as logical MRFs. This allows us to combine the advantages of each into a single MAP inference technique: solving the local consistency relaxation with any of a number of highly scalable
message-passing algorithms, and then obtaining a high-quality discrete solution via a guaranteed rounding procedure when the relaxation is not tight. Logical MRFs are a general class of models that can incorporate
many common dependencies, such as logical implications and mixtures of supermodular and submodular potentials. They can be used for many structured prediction tasks, including natural language processing, computer vision, and computational social science. We show that our new inference technique can improve solution quality by as much as 20% without sacrificing speed on problems with over one million dependencies.

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Date of publication:
May 6, 2015
International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Statistics (AISTATS)