Anuj Karpatne 


It has been a first year full of unexpected challenges for the new officers of SIGAI! Along with the election of a new leadership team, we began the year with many changes, including integrating a new leadership team, changes in several of the appointed officers, and of course the global pandemic which has radically altered many of our activities! Of particular note, we are excited to welcome on board Louise Dennis as the new conference coordination officer, Anuj Karpatne as a new co-editor for AI Matters, and Alan Tsang as the new information officer, taking over from Michael Rovatsos, Amy McGovern, and Hang Ma respectively. We are very grateful to Michael, Amy, and Hang for years of excellent service to SIGAI! While we were working on several new initiatives, like everyone else, the Covid-19 pandemic changed the nature of what we were able to do and what we had to focus on. Nevertheless, we managed to get several of these initiatives off the ground, and were lucky in that SIGAI was well-positioned both financially and in terms of our rapport with many communities.


Anuj Karpatne 

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January 4, 2021
Special Interest Group on Artificial Intelligence
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Sanmay Das, Nicholas Mattei, John P. Dickerson, Sven Koenig, Louise A. Dennis, Larry R. Medsker, Todd W. Neller, Iolanda Leite, Anuj Karpatne: SIGAI annual report: July 1 2019 - June 30 2020. AI Matters 6(2): 5-9 (2020)