Xuchao Zhang


Management of collaborative documents can be difficult, given the profusion of edits and comments that multiple authors make during a document’s evolution. Reliably modeling the relationship between edits and comments is a crucial step towards helping the user keep track of a document in flux. A number of authoring tasks, such as categorizing and summarizing edits, detecting completed to-dos, and visually rearranging comments could benefit from such a contribution. Thus, in this paper we explore the relationship between comments and edits by defining two novel, related tasks: Comment Ranking and Edit Anchoring. We begin by collecting a dataset with more than half a million comment-edit pairs based on Wikipedia revision histories. We then propose a hierarchical multi-layer deep neural-network to model the relationship between edits and comments. Our architecture tackles both Comment Ranking and Edit Anchoring tasks by encoding specific edit actions such as additions and deletions, while also accounting for document context. In a number of evaluation settings, our experimental results show that our approach outperforms several strong baselines significantly. We are able to achieve a precision@1 of 71.0% and a precision@3 of 94.4% for Comment Ranking, while we achieve 74.4% accuracy on Edit Anchoring.

Xuchao Zhang, Dheeraj Rajagopal, Michael Gamon, Sujay Kumar Jauhar, Chang-Tien Lu: Modeling the Relationship between User Comments and Edits in Document Revision. EMNLP/IJCNLP (1) 2019: 5001-5010


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