Videos are created to express emotion, exchange information, and share experiences. Video synthesis has intrigued researchers for a long time. Despite the rapid progress driven by advances in visual synthesis, most existing studies focus on improving the frames' quality and the transitions between them, while little progress has been made in generating longer videos. In this paper, we present a method that builds on 3D-VQGAN and transformers to generate videos with thousands of frames. Our evaluation shows that our model trained on 16-frame video clips from standard benchmarks such as UCF-101, Sky Time-lapse, and Taichi-HD datasets can generate diverse, coherent, and high-quality long videos. We also showcase conditional extensions of our approach for generating meaningful long videos by incorporating temporal information with text and audio.

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Date of publication:
April 7, 2022
Cornell University
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Songwei Ge, Thomas Hayes, Harry Yang, Xi Yin, Guan Pang, David Jacobs, Jia-Bin Huang, Devi Parikh: Long Video Generation with Time-Agnostic VQGAN and Time-Sensitive Transformer. CoRR abs/2204.03638 (2022)