Yuliang Zou


Recent years have witnessed rapid progress in detecting and recognizing individual object instances. To understand the situation in a scene, however, computers need to recognize how humans interact with surrounding objects. In this paper, we tackle the challenging task of detecting human-object interactions (HOI). Our core idea is that the appearance of a person or an object instance contains informative cues on which relevant parts of an image to attend to for facilitating interaction prediction. To exploit these cues, we propose an instance-centric attention module that learns to dynamically highlight regions in an image conditioned on the appearance of each instance. Such an attention-based network allows us to selectively aggregate features relevant for recognizing HOIs. We validate the efficacy of the proposed network on the Verb in COCO and HICO-DET datasets and show that our approach compares favorably with the state-of-the-arts.


Yuliang Zou

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Date of publication:
August 30, 2018
Cornell University
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Chen Gao, Yuliang Zou, Jia-Bin Huang: iCAN: Instance-Centric Attention Network for Human-Object Interaction Detection. CoRR abs/1808.10437 (2018)