Chen Gao


We present an algorithm for generating novel views at arbitrary viewpoints and any input time step given a monocular video of a dynamic scene. Our work builds upon recent advances in neural implicit representation and uses continuous and differentiable functions for modeling the time-varying structure and the appearance of the scene. We jointly train a time-invariant static NeRF and a time-varying dynamic NeRF, and learn how to blend the results in an unsupervised manner. However, learning this implicit function from a single video is highly ill-posed (with infinitely many solutions that match the input video). To resolve the ambiguity, we introduce regularization losses to encourage a more physically plausible solution. We show extensive quantitative and qualitative results of dynamic view synthesis from casually captured videos.


Chen Gao

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Date of publication:
May 13, 2021
Cornell University
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Chen Gao, Ayush Saraf, Johannes Kopf, Jia-Bin Huang: Dynamic View Synthesis from Dynamic Monocular Video. CoRR abs/2105.06468 (2021)