Peng Mi, Maoyuan Sun, Moeti Masiane, Chris North


This paper presents the Animated VISualization Tool (AVIST), an exploration-oriented data visualization tool that enables rapidly exploring and filtering large time series multidimensional datasets. AVIST highlights interactive data exploration by revealing fine data details. This is achieved through the use of animation and cross-filtering interactions. To support interactive exploration of big data, AVIST features a GPU (Graphics Processing Unit)-centric design. Two key aspects are emphasized on the GPU-centric design: (1) both data management and computation are implemented on the GPU to leverage its parallel computing capability and fast memory bandwidth; (2) a GPU-based directed acyclic graph is proposed to characterize data transformations triggered by users’ demands. Moreover, we implement AVIST based on the Model-View-Controller (MVC) architecture. In the implementation, we consider two aspects: (1) user interaction is highlighted to slice big data into small data; and (2) data transformation is based on parallel computing. Two case studies demonstrate how AVIST can help analysts identify abnormal behaviors and infer new hypotheses by exploring big datasets. Finally, we summarize lessons learned about GPU-based solutions in interactive information visualization with big data.


Maoyuan Sun

Chris North

Peng Mi

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October 7, 2016
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