Tian Shi, Ping Wang, Chandan Reddy


In recent years, several online platforms have seen a rapid increase in the number of review systems that request users to provide aspect-level feedback. Document-level Multi-aspect Sentiment Classification (DMSC), where the goal is to predict the ratings/sentiment from a review at an individual aspect level, has become a challenging and imminent problem. To tackle this challenge, we propose a deliberate self-attention-based deep neural network model, namely FEDAR, for the DMSC problem, which can achieve competitive performance while also being able to interpret the predictions made. FEDAR is equipped with a highway word embedding layer to transfer knowledge from pre-trained word embeddings, an RNN encoder layer with output features enriched by pooling and factorization techniques, and a deliberate self-attention layer. In addition, we also propose an Attention-driven Keywords Ranking (AKR) method, which can automatically discover aspect keywords and aspect-level opinion keywords from the review corpus based on the attention weights. These keywords are significant for rating predictions by FEDAR. Since crowdsourcing annotation can be an alternate way to recover missing ratings of reviews, we propose a LEcture-AuDience (LEAD) strategy to estimate model uncertainty in the context of multi-task learning, so that valuable human resources can focus on the most uncertain predictions. Our extensive set of experiments on five different open-domain DMSC datasets demonstrate the superiority of the proposed FEDAR and LEAD models. We further introduce two new DMSC datasets in the healthcare domain and benchmark different baseline models and our models on them. Attention weights visualization results and visualization of aspect and opinion keywords demonstrate the interpretability of our model and the effectiveness of our AKR method.


Chandan Reddy

Tian Shi

Ping Wang

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Date of publication:
May 31, 2021
Cornell University
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Tian Shi, Ping Wang, Chandan K. Reddy: Deliberate Self-Attention Network with Uncertainty Estimation for Multi-Aspect Review Rating Prediction. CoRR abs/2009.09112 (2020)