Edward Fox


When web archive data are not being actively used, it is usually beneficial to ingest them into a digital library for curation. However, it becomes a challenge when the volume of the data grows beyond the size of a typical repository. We propose to augment the digital library with external mass storage. More specifically, we developed a Java library to bridge the Fedora Commons repository with cloud stor- age services. In this demonstration and lightening talk we will demonstrate how a web archive library interacts with the cloud storage and manages remote files in the digital repository. We also will discuss scenarios suitable for using this library and what benefits it brings. This Java library (fcrepo-cloud-tool) is available as Open Source software.


Edward Fox

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Technical Committee on Digital Libraries
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Yinlin Chen, Zhiwu Xie, Edward A. Fox: A Library to Manage Web Archive Files in Cloud Storage. Bull. IEEE Tech. Comm. Digit. Libr. 13(1) (2017)