Rebecca Faust

Rebecca Faust is a postdoc and 2021 Computing Innovation (CI) Fellow working with Chris North, a professor in computer science and associate director at the Sanghani Center. She is also helping to lead Department of Defense (DoD)-funded projects on interactive analytics, funded through the Center for Space, High-Performance, and Resilient Computing (SHREC).

Her research interests include incorporating interactive visualization into data science analyses to increase understandability of the results and the analyses themselves.

Initially Faust’s work focused on extracting information specifically from dimensionality reduction methods to help explain the resulting projections. Having completed that project, she shifted to extracting and visualizing execution information and values from python programs using program traces for the purpose of debugging and understanding them. Currently, she is focused on using program transformations to extract information from programs as they execute and visualizing the extracted information.

Faust earned her Ph.D. in computer science at the University of Arizona, where she also received a master’s degree. She holds two bachelor’s degrees, in math and computer science, from the University of Montana.


Research Areas:
  • iconVisual Analytics
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