wanawsha & rupen

Left to right at the Governor’s Workforce Innovation Challenge Datathon 2016 are computer science Ph.D. student Rupinder Paul Khandpur; Virginia Secretary of Technology Karen Jackson; and Wanawsha Hawrami, manager of operations for DAC.

DAC has been recognized for its contributions in a project focused on workforce analytics for Governor Terry McAuliffe’s Open Data, Open Jobs portal.  DAC is playing a key role in the governor’s commitment to improving the labor market in Virginia.

Open Data, Open Jobs is a real-time curation, analysis, and visualization of advertised job postings in Virginia. All curated jobs are published on the DAC’s open data portal, accessible through a publicly available API in machine-readable format, with a unified job posting schema that eliminates the need to navigate separate public and private listings dispersed across multiple sites, such as Monster or LinkedIn.

DAC was on-board from the onset, providing necessary support to harvest, clean, and enrich individual datasets to create the new workforce data product. The dataset was created in large part by DAC Ph.D. student, Rupinder Paul Khandpur, who was also in the governor’s data internship program. Click here to read more about the Open Data, Open Jobs project.